The smart way to find the smart people in aerospace

The smart way to find the smart people in aerospace

The proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ applies so well in business, especially in the aerospace industry, where having the right expertise is paramount.

The demands in the industry are many, complexity amplifies with new technology, and companies are forever looking at ways of minimizing fixed costs. Cross fertilization of people and skills is prevalent, and access to specialist expertise is needed quickly and potentially from anywhere in the world.


Like in many high technology industries, more and more companies in aerospace are moving away from ‘owning experts’ or from traditional subcontracting relationships, to looking for ‘on demand’ external expertise. They may be for simple or complex missions, but the key is to find expertise quickly, and that fits the set profile.


Imagine being able to discover a network of experts, find those that suit your business, pick their brains, engage them, leverage them to extend your network beyond your current circles. eMindHub have imagined that for you, a kind of Google for expertise, and offers a new model for enabling businesses in aerospace and potentially any technological sector, to find expertise that fits, simply, when, and as needed. The value is in the simplicity for, both companies, who need expertise, and the experts themselves, who derive value from translating their expertise to cash and by promoting their reputation within a targeted professional network.


The simplicity of the eMindHub approach can be described in 4 steps.


In the first step, a company will post a request for a project or mission. Secondly, they access the responses of experts. In the third step, they select the expert and lastly, entrust the mission to that expert. This process can take as little as 48 hours from beginning to end. Above all, control rests with the company making the request, with ability to customize requests and to set confidentiality requirements, if needed.


Another key demand in our industry today that comes with rising complexity is the need to access knowledge not available within the business. Companies that are looking for content and advice in specific domains can also leverage the eMindHub platform, and this may take the form of posing a question or series of questions, or requesting access to documentation produced by eMindHub experts. Companies are also leveraging the community of 2 000 eMindHub experts to look for recommendations in their own network to work with them to address a mission or even for the purpose of recruitment.


There are many ways to leverage the growing eMindHub community of experts, confident in the security of confidential information, and the deep domain knowledge in the various aerospace technical, business and cross-discipline areas. Experts are motivated by monetary incentive to drive quality and speedy responses, or to recommend others that may best fit the need. As they establish their profile, and respond to requests, they develop their reputation in the process which can drive further opportunity.


One of our clients describes well the success they have had in finding experts with emindHub, “We searched for several weeks and without success for a very specific profile. With eMindHub, we found it in 24 hours.”


Finding expertise in technology sectors like aerospace, that very special profile, the smart people for your important project, takes a smart kind of professional network. eMindHub offers a fresh approach that is proving to be the agile way to find expertise in high technology domains, wherever it may be in the ‘haystack’.