If knowledge is power, how can I exploit my expertise ?

If knowledge is power, how can I exploit my expertise ?
24 March 2017 - expertise knowledge power profile

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase "Knowledge is Power'. It dates back to 1597 when he published these words in his book, "Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy'. More than 400 years later and this continues to be a phrase we hear often, but in the context of using one’s expertise in today’s business world, what does it mean?

Knowledge is power only if you know how to use it and you apply it.

Putting things into practice, applying your valuable knowledge to an industry, a business, a project, or even a physical piece of equipment. There is value in content that is needed by a client but the real magic, the real power, lies in those people out there that have skill and experience in knowing how to promote and use their knowledge.

While power sounds lucrative, as experts in a particular field, we’re not all looking to take over the world. Power simply means extracting some form of advantage in offering our expertise.

Why not be paid for the knowledge you have?

When a business problem is presented to you and you have the answer, don’t just give it away, highlight the value of your knowledge and be compensated. Paid expertise doesn’t always have to come in the form of contract work, it can also come in the form of specific questions, document sharing, or short missions.

There is no doubt that in a practical sense, we give away our knowledge to others every day. We share it in corridor conversations at work, we offer it in reply to an article posted on Linked In, we share it with a close contact at a networking event. All of these things are perfectly normal, and it’s how we build on our network and reinforce our own knowledge base. But, where there is a specific mission, a request for valued content, a rare project that needs your unique expertise, eMindHub presents exactly these forms of business problems, and they are opportunities for you to be paid for your expertise. 

For those that have unique and in-demand expertise in aerospace, eMindhub is the solution that allows you to turn your knowledge into power.

Build your eMindHub profile, brand your expertise by personalizing it via your expert profile.

Once your profile is accessed and known, it is more than likely you will be sought after often to address other eMindHub questions.

Exploit this opportunity, market your expertise and be rewarded for the knowledge you hold.